Remove Vuze toolbar on Firefox for the Mac

Quick, simple steps to uninstall the Vuze Toolbar from Firefox.

Remove Vuze Toolbar

Vuze is a powerful bittorrent app for both Windows and Mac. It has a host of nifty features including “meta searches”, ‘integrated, cross codec, high def player” and a handy web remote which lets you securely control your Vuze client from any computer or smartphone with a web browser.

If you have installed Vuze but noticed that there is now a Vuze Toolbar on your Firefox browser there is an easy way to uninstall the toolbar.

Remove Vuze Toolbar

Whilst in Firefox go to Tools –>Add ons:

Remove Vuze Toolbar

And then highlight the Vuze Remote Toolbar and click Uninstall:

Remove Vuze Toolbar

This will bring up a prompt asking if you are sure you want to Uninstall Vuze Remote Toolbar:

Remove Vuze Toolbar

Click Uninstall. It will then Uninstall the toolbar for you and prompt you to restart your Firefox:

Remove Vuze Toolbar

That’s it, all done. After you have restarted Firefox the Vuze toolbar will be gone forever.

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6 thoughts on “Remove Vuze toolbar on Firefox for the Mac”

  1. Thanks sssoooo much. This toolbar was stopping me from accessing my email contacts when microsoft was updating its email system!

  2. Well, as you say it’s appears to be uninstalled quite easy, but elass not so. When you do a search in Firefox you get still the results from conduit and there is no way to know where it is if you want to remove it. I don’t like the it, it’s a piece of no good program.

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