About Scoopz

Name: Neil Cooper

That’ll be me…wearing a helmet!

Nationality: British

Location: UK

Q – Who’s behind scoopz.com?

A – Just me and only me.

Q – How can I get in touch with you?

A – Follow me on twitter @scoopz and get in touch that way

Q – What is the point of your blog?

A – There are two main reasons I write my blog, firstly, I use it as a place to store any useful site links or techie “how to’s” and fixes. There are occasions where a friend will have a problem with their computer, a problem which I’ve previously encountered myself but forgotten the corrects steps to get it resolved. By posting these problems with fixes on my blog I only have one place to look and search for the answers, as a side effect when search engines crawl my site it may help others with a similar problem find a quick fix. The second reason is to share new information about tech related products or software mainly related to Apple products (iPhone, OS X, Macbook Air, etc) including photographs where possible to help others decide which products to buy and which to steer clear of.

Q – I have a problem with XYZ not working on my XYZ, can you help me?

A – If it’s a problem in realtion to any of my posts then feel free to post details about the problem in the comments section at the end of each post and I’ll do my best to offer some advice. If it’s a completely unrelated tech problem that you need help with because you don’t want to pay for an engineer call or premium helpline number than I’m probably not going to be too helpful.

Q – Why do you seem to have a facination with Apple products?

A – 7 years ago I really did detest any Apple hardware and software. During my Computer Science degree I decided I needed an Apple to test my java programs on so bought a friend’s old Apple G4 cube and installed the latest operating system (OS X). That was in 2000 and since then I’ve never looked back. I still have to use and maintain several Windows Servers and 25+ XP workstations at work but when I’m on my own time there’s not an ounce of Bill Gates in my house! Apple hardware, be it a MacPro or iPhone, is by no means the cheapest hardware out there but I’m now a loyal Apple-afficianado and have managed to persuade many of my friends to follow the Apple route when looking for new laptops. For those who are curious my Apple collection consists of:

and some non-Apple related Tech:

Previously Owned Tech items:

  • MacBook Pro 15″ / 2.3GHz / 120GB / 1GB RAM
  • MacBook Air 1.6Ghz / 80GB / 2GB RAM / USB DVD
  • Canon 5D Mk2
  • Canon 40D with BGE6
  • Canon Powershot G10
  • Canon Powershot S95
  • Canon Ixus 900Ti
  • Fuji X10
  • AppleTV 40GB
  • AppleTV 40GB with Boxee installed
  • Apple iPhone 3G White 16GB
  • Apple iPhone 3GS White 32GB
  • Apple iPhone 4 32GB
  • Apple iPad 64GB 3G
  • 2x Apple TV 2
  • Apple iPad 2 64GB 3G White
  • Apple iPod mini (4GB blue)

Q – One of your posts has saved me so much time, frustation and money I feel I should give you something, can I send you a small token of my appreciation?

A – Well if you really must, you can buy me a coffee via Paypal.