Should you buy a Kindle if you already have an iPad 2?

As an iPad 2 owner, for some strange reason I’m still drawn towards buying a Kindle. Here’s why.

My inner geek is telling me I need a Kindle. Even before the newer and cheaper models I’ve always been drawn towards a Kindle which is strange because I don’t read books, period!

I have an iPad 2 and several eBooks on that in both iBooks and Kindle app format. I’ve started to read books and then lost interest or been distracted by push alerts for a game of Words with Friends of Twitter alerts. That’s one of my issues with the iPad as a reading device, it’s far too easy to get distracted. I should really turn on AirPlane mode if I want to sit down and seriously read a book on the iPad but I just can’t bring myself to do that and I don’t know why. Continue reading “Should you buy a Kindle if you already have an iPad 2?”

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Macbook Air loses time when battery runs flat

My Macbook Air keeps warning me that the date and time is incorrect whenever I reboot after the main battery has been run completely flat. The onboard CMOS battery is at fault and Apple have acknowledged that it needs to be taken in for repair.

Ever since I bought my MacBook Air nearly a year ago I’ve been plagued with a constant annoying problem, if I let the battery run completely flat, when I connect to a power source I get a warning saying my computers date is set earlier that March 24th 2001.


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