iPhone 7 DNG vs JPG (RAW vs JPG)

Comparison of shadow recovery from iPhone 7 RAW/DNG images vs JPG

It’s iPhone 7 launch day here in the U.K. and our 256GB iPhone 7 in black has arrived and the first thing we wanted to test was the new ability of the camera to shoot in RAW (actually Adobe’s open format RAW called DNG) and see what benefit it offered over shooting in normal JPG mode and we’re surprised, and disappointed, by the results. Continue reading “iPhone 7 DNG vs JPG (RAW vs JPG)”

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iPhone camera roll thumbnails corrupt, shows black boxes [FIX]

Thumbnails in your iPhone camera roll become corrupt after an update and some just showing black squares? There’s a fix for that, read on for more.

IMPORTANT :iOS5 users click here to jump to this section first

After updating my girlfriend’s iPhone 3Gto iOS4.1 she noticed that the camera roll had a bug and was showing a large black box in place of some thumbnails. You could still tap on the blank black area and it would load the correct photo full screen, so the photos are still there, it just seems the thumbnails have become corrupted.Screen shot of the camera roll bug

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