Fix for WordPress no longer sending email notification of comments

For some unknown reason I suddenly stopped getting an email notification to alert me when a comment had been left on one of my blog entries regardless of the settings selected in the WP admin pages.

I tried several different options and plugins to try and fix this I even tried resorting to using a plugin to allow SMTP to send the notifications but none of them worked.

I then read this thread over on the WordPress support forums and on page 4, thanks to teknics there is a fix that worked instantly for me. Just a simple addition to my .htaccess file on my wp web hosting was all that was needed, if you alread have a .htaccess in place please be careful not to mess up anything else in the file as it could prevent your site from working.
Just adding the following line to the end of the .htaccess file was all that was needed:

<strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">php_value mail.force_extra_parameters '-f [email protected]'</span></strong>

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Email full resolution photos from your Nokia

For all you Nokia users out there, you may have noticed that when you attempt to send a photograph via MMS the resulting image sent is reduced to 640×480 pixels which is OK for the odd funny snap shot here and there but if you paid for a 5MP camera on the phone and want to email a photograph full resolution there is a solution.

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