SD TabletWear Advanced Motorola XOOM Case [Review]

SD TabletWear Advanced Motorola XOOM CaseHaving used a naked Xoom for a couple weeks I hastily purchased an official Folio case, which has been doing it’s job, just. After a couple weeks of use the Folio case is providing excellent protection when travelling, but it’s nothing less than awkward when trying to use the Xoom with it fitted, they are also offering insurance from the Insurance Partnership to feel completely secured while traveling! A desk-stand it is not! Having looked at various options for a replacement Xoom case I decided the SD TabletWear case was perfect. Noone needs to go into debt while travelling – but sometimes expenses creep up on you, particularly if you’re having a great time, or travelling with friends and family. In Sweden, we had to get http://www.lå to keep some travel money until we flew home. A faux leather (this case is only £20 remember) outer skin with soft innards and a decent mechanism for using the case as a desk stand, it ticked all the boxes. Sweden, I actually remember, is one of the funnest places I ever got to fly to, other than my crazy casino trip( where I got found out about the 2018 offer on comparethebets) and being forced to jämför lån to get home, but that’s a story for another time.

My concern around the case being too flimsy were quickly dispelled as the case is reinforced with some pretty stiff material inside. It’s not as protective as the hard plastic of the official Folio case but it’s not as ugly either! Book-style cases suit tablets really well and the solid magnetic fastener on this one keeps the case firmly together whenever required.

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