Email full resolution photos from your Nokia

For all you Nokia users out there, you may have noticed that when you attempt to send a photograph via MMS the resulting image sent is reduced to 640×480 pixels which is OK for the odd funny snap shot here and there but if you paid for a 5MP camera on the phone and want to email a photograph full resolution there is a solution.

The email application on most modern Nokia phones is seldom used by many, mainly because when you first try to access it you’ll be presented with an error message saying email not setup. This is where several people give up and assume it’s an upcoming or discontinued feature.

All you need to do though is find out a few email settings from your email service provider and head over to and run through the email settings wizard. After a series of questions about your email account it will then send the settings to your phone free of charge and presto….your email is working. The online wizard at Nokia (click here) has default settings for hundreds of providers, hotmail, gmail, freeserver, demon, aol, bt, etc but should you have your own email host or use an exchange server like me then you need to enter your own custom settings. This can be done with another free program from Nokia which you can download here Simply enter your IMAP/POP host, username, password, etc and it then sends the settings to the phone via cable or bluetooth.

What’s the point in all this….well once you’ve got the email app setup and running you now have the ability to create a new email message and attach an image from your phones gallery. Unlike sending to an email address via MMS, the image will not be reduced in size and you will also not get charged for sending an MMS, however you may be charged for GPRS data usage if you don’t have any free MBs of data.

NOTE – The above also relies on you having GPRS connectivity setup on your phone, if you can browse WAP pages then don’t worry it’s already setup. If you cannot browse wap pages then again head to Nokia’s site and run the wizard to have your settings sent to your for free, all UK mobile providers (vodafone, O2, t-mobile, Orange, Virgin) are in there.

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