iPhone 1.1.3 – cannot connect to wi-fi (airport) after upgrade

UPDATE (27 Feb 2007) – Wifi problem should be fixed now in 1.1.4

Well having successfully updated my iPhone to 1.1.3 I have noticed that I am no longer able to join wi-fi networks, it says i’m connected to my Apple Airport but browsing web pages fails stating unable to connect to server.

I jumped into settings and turned wi-fi off then back on and let it join the network again. Same problem.

I then tried the advanced tab for the network and told it to forget the network and then find it again, same problem.

I tried force closing Safari (by holding down the home button) and then relaunched Safari, still not working.

Next was to reboot the airport express, didn’t solve it.

I tried my MacBook Pro on wi-fi, worked ok so it’s not an internet or airport problem.

Finally I noticed in the advanced tab of the wi-fi network that the phone was getting a self assigned IP address (169.xxx.xxx.xxx) not picking one up from Airport DHCP. Clicking renew lease didn’t work, still self assigned IP so this appeared to be the problem, the iPhone wasn’t being assigned an IP by my airport express. I tried my netgear (Sky) router and the same problem with that.

I finally turned the phone off and back on (with a forced reboot, holding down home button and power button for up to 10 seconds) and then checked the wi-fi advanced page, finally it picked up a DHCP assigned IP and all is well again.

Not sure what 1.1.3 did but I’d never had that problem before.

On a side note: a family member also has an iPhone and updated to 1.1.3 last night. He said it all went well, he was playing with the new features before he went to bed and then turned his phone off last night. On the way to work he powered his phone back on and it’s simply showing an icon saying connect the phone to iTunes, emergency calls only. So it looks like its gone back to the “virginal” or “as new” setting for some reason. So he’s without his phone and all his contacts until he gets back from work.

UPDATE: Two friends updated their iPhones to 1.1.3 and neither could then connect to wifi (Apple Airport or their Orange Livebox Router). Same problem with it not picking up an IP via DCHP. They gave me a call so I pointed towards this blog to follow the instructions. They both followed all the steps above and this worked for one of them only. The other iPhone still wouldn’t pick up an IP. In the end he fixed it by simply going into the settings menu and choosing

“Settings”->”General”->”Reset”->”Reset Network Settings”

so you might want to try that first as a quicker and easier fix?

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  2. my friend Scoopz THANKS you for your reply ..

    my iphone still does not connect at my own network , tha ti created from my macbook .

    i must mention here that OLD DAYS , the connection between iphone and wireless was fine .

    unfortunately , i didnt try at other network , HOPE i find one network and try it ..

    at last , my friend , here is greece(you know…) and if i send my iphone to replace it , hope to get it 🙂 😀

    ps is it possible iphone has a “hardware” problem ?

    1. @Manolis Kapa – I’m afraid it could be that your iPhone has a faulty wi-fi module. If you are unable to connect to your own wifi have you tried connecting to a friend’s wifi or another wifi network? If you cannot connect to any wifi network then I’d suggest your iPhone wifi module is faulty. I had this happen and eventually went to the Apple store and then tried to connect to the Apple store wifi and it wouldn’t work so they replaced the iPhone for me.

  3. Hi Scoopz,
    Wow! thanks for replying!

    I spent about an hour on the phone, Skype, actually, with a tech person from apple who tried several reset options. itunes wasn’t able to recognize the iphone, and none of the reset tricks worked, and he advised me to get it to an apple store. Unfortunately for my handset, I live in Israel, and they don’t have iphone here officially, so the one private company authorized to run a sort of apple store cannot deal with it. He suggested sending it Stateside with a friend to deal with it with Apple. Not doable. Besides, it’s unlocked and jailbroken, so apple wouldn’t be too helpful once they realized that.

    The good new is that I actually solved the problem, or rather, the iphone cured itself, as it did once before, when the handset had a stroke with the same symptions.Here’s what I did: I let it rest overnight (not enough) and then again, letting the battery drain, but not completely (I doubt that either one of these steps made a difference, but you never can tell). Then I kept on playing with shutting it down and powering it on. Finally, I got to the screen where the red slider shows up to power it down the usual way. The first couple of times I got to that screen (what sequence or just what I did I do not know) the white apple showed up seconds later, leaving the phone as it was. But finally, it did go all the way through the correct cycle and turned on with the “desktop” screen showing, and it’s now working fine.

    Almost–I still have no wifi capability. I certainly hesitate to reset my network settings again. I don’t understand the directions for doing what one can do from the screen that has the IP address and the DHCP/BootP/static tabs. I don’t know what they mean; ditto with the rest of the page. For now, I’ve been using a neighbors wifi, so I can’t get any info that isn’t freely sent to my handset. Soon, I’ll have an AE in my apt. along with my own internet service. If you could walk me through whatever steps I can take prior to getting my own internet/wireless router I’d appreciate it (especially since I still won’t be able to access hot spots untill something is changed). And/or, walk me through whatever I can do when the router does arrive. I do connect to my neighbor’s wifi with my macbook, so if the information is accessible from there I can get it if I know where to find it.

    also, on another topic, if this is ok here, or maybe there’s a different place on the blog to ask this? I was wondering about upgrading to the most current version of the OS, but know that something bad could happen if I do it with my unlocked, jailbroken iphone from iTunes without doing something to keep it from getting locked by apple (happened once before). I followed the instructions on iclarified to initially jailbreak, but don’t find any instructions about taking an already jailbroken handset with 2.2 running. Can you guide me to the right directions, or do you have any comments about whether the upgrade is worth the trouble?

  4. @hava – thanks for the comment. I’m not sure if you have read my most recent blog entry about iPhone wifi problems (Unable to Join network wifi error) but it sounds like you are expereincing the exact same problem I had recently with my iPhone 3G.

    Unfortuantely after much testing, resetting & restoring of routers and iPhone I gave up and visited a Genius at a local Apple store. The Genius was unable to diagnose the fault (putting it down to hardware failure of the wifi chip) and replaced the iPhone on the spot with a new one.

    Since yours is an iPhone 2G, I’m assuming it’s over a year old and hence out of warranty? If you are being plagued with the same fault I had then I’m afraid it looks like you may need to ditch the faulty 2G and get a new handset.

    Sorry for the potentially bad news, if possible make a free appointment at your local Apple Genius Bar and see what they say. Even though you are out of warranty you can still have free Genius bar appointments.

    PS – alternatively, if you have any mobile phone insurance with your network operator or home content insurers you may want to try claiming on that?

    Scoopz (Admin)

  5. my iphone 2g used to work just fine picking up wifi. a couple of weeks ago, for no reason that I can ascertain, it just stopped picking any wifi up–in my home, at cafes, anywhere. It sometimes would show that it was connected and had a strong signal, but the wifi icon did not appear and the error message about not being able to connect came up. same as everyone else, my laptop has no problem getting the wifi connection, nor does my other internet device, just the iphone.

    I just tried resetting network settings as suggested, and now the iphone no longer works at all! when I power it on, the white apple comes up, and then . . . nothing happens. It just stays a blank screen with the white apple. No wifi, no phone, no calendar, no contacts, no nothing ,,,,,nadA! Help! any suggestions?

  6. @Jem – Glad it you had an easy fix!

    @G – You might find you’ve got a faulty iPhone. My 3G iPhone recently refused to connect to any wi-fi networks (see this post) and after following all my own guidelines above it still wouldn’t work. A trip to the Apple store and he confirms it’s a faulty iPhone and issues me with a replacement. Some wifi connectivity issues just can’t be fixed, especially if it’s hardware failure.
    To find and set the IP address manually, go to Settings->WiFi and then in the list don’t click the actual name of the network itself, click the little blue arrow to the right of it and it should take you to a manual settings page for that network.

    Scoopz (Admin)

  7. Oh!
    How do I find and manually set the IP on my Iphone, I cannot seem to locate the manual settings.

  8. Hi,
    I am still having “No Wifi” problem after trying the “reset Network Settings”, Restoring the phone and trying other odds and ends.

    It used to pick up a wifi for a minute then just drop it and any time I would reset the network settings and then reboot, it would pick it up again for just a second then drop it. Now it will not even do that! I am just convinced (or maybe just hopeful) that it is a software issue, not a hardware.

    I have the 2.2.1 Apple Firmware and have Jailbroken with 2.2.5 Pwnage Tool. Even when I restored to Apple, the problem persisted.

    Also! It will not ring while in sleep mode.

    Please help!

  9. @Tom – Hmmm not sure what is causing your problems, since the iPhone is picking up an IP address from your AE base station (AEBS) and has mathcing Router and DNS as you laptop which is working on the net the only thing I could think of is if you are perhaps running two DHCP servers on the same IP range and perhaps there is an IP conflict? Can somebody else with an iPhone join your network and access the internet?

    You metnion you’ve tried some of the tips above (force restart, delete network connection from iPhone, reset all network settings on iPhone, etc) and I’m guessing you’ve tried powering down the AEBS.

    My next step would be to try changing some of the settings on the AEBS, try changing the wireless network SSID (wifi network name) and then change the IP address range used from 10.0.0.x to 192.168.1.x and see what happens then. Does the iPhone still pick up an new IP in the 192.168.1.x range or is it still showing Also check what wifi range you are using and make sure it’s not on “n-only” as this could cause problems, I think there is a setting for b&g compatible mode somewhere on the AEBS.

    Sorry I can’t be any more help

    Scoopz (Admin)

  10. Hi,

    Can anybody help me?

    My IPhone just does not want to connect to the internet using my airport extreme base station but seems to work fine everywhere else. It finds the network but when I try connecting to the internet using safari it keeps saying it isn’t connected to the internet.
    I have already tried everything suggested in this forum but still not working.

    In the wifi settings of my IPhone the IP addresse comes out as
    Subnet mask same as on my laptop
    Router is

    Does anybody know what’s going on, I’m desperate!!!

  11. Further to the above, I had my wifes Iphone working okay but mine wouldn’t. She recently upgraded to Iphone3G and that would connect to Home wi-fi either.

    This was when I went into the router settings and took note of the KEY code and used this KEY code (instead of the named password). This worked in every case for ALL the iPhones including 3G.


  12. Hi,

    I had this problem on my home wi-fi network where safari couldn’t connect to server even though iPhone showed a strong signal.

    Solution- on main computer using router IP address (on bottom of router) log on Internet and using Internet explorer http// for example. This will open router settings-go to wireless settings and take note of KEY code 1.

    On iPhone when logging onto your wi-fi-enter the KEY code1 instead of password. Your iPhone should connect to your wi-fi straight away-this cured all my problems and every device connected to network now and working

  13. My iphone has been working with my home airport extreme router since i bought it a year ago and hacked on version 1.2, 1.3 and my most recent 1.4. I have found it flakier on wifi since going to 1.4 (dropping connection) but it would generally work

    however, i just uploaded the airport extreme with the most recent update that came out this week and now wifi seems not to work at home. it does not show any wifis even though there are many including mine. My iMac works fine and my laptop is fine connected so not issue with connectivity but i am wondering if the update affected iphone access for some strange reason. My other iPhone connects fine.

    i have reset network settings, manually tried to create a connection, powered on and off and reset device. i will try a starbucks NW tomorrow however, the fact it can not recognize or see other NWs in my building tells me that wont work. It simply shows no NW but my iMac shows many.

    And since my other iphone (on same 1.4 OS) is working that is telling me that it is something specific to this machine. I will likely try reinstalling 1.4 and rehacking however, looking for other ideas.

    any help is apreciated

  14. i m using 1.1.3 firmwar, my phone shows me my wifi network symbol, but when i m trying to access, it shows error host cannot find, can u plz plz help me why this msg comes, and what should i do for that. i m already installed vTerm-100, but i dont know how to use that.

  15. i m using 1.1.4 firmware, but i m getting wifi access, it shows wifi network symbol and it detects also, but cannot access the same. is it any software that intall the software directly from pc, plz help me??????

  16. Hi! I recently installed 1.1.3 prefs fix on my ipod touch and after that my wi-fi stop working…. My wi-fi it’s on and catch some networks but there’s nothing in IP Adress, Router,… I’m desperate because nothing seems to work… Can anybody help me?? Thanks

  17. i’ve tried! everything!
    buy my wifi stays connected with full strenght..
    but doesn’t connect…how bulls*** is this!
    it was working perfectly yesterday..

  18. Sal,
    Looks like you’ve tried almost every tip and trick mentioned on this page by me and others without success.

    You could try doing a complete restore of 1.1.2 onto the phone (don’t quote me on that but I’m sure you can still do a full restore to an older firmware).

    As a last resort how about upgrading to 1.1.4 and then unlocking it again? 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 both addressed some wifi issues, with the latter supposedly fixing most of the known issues.

    Scoopz (Admin)

  19. guys…i am glad i found this page and i hope it can be of some help. i am using a unlocked 1.1.2 iphone here in canada which i just got a few days ago brand new.

    the issue is the same…wifi is not working. it does detect my home wirless network..shows it at full strength (i have my laptop working at the same connection too so the router setup is ok) but just cant go to any web page whatsoever.

    i tried several items….forgetting the network, rebooted the phone while holding the home and power button at top, rebooted and did a reset on the home router too, also did a reset on the network settings on the phone, tried using an open DNS but nothinjg seem to work.

    just earlier today…i was at the apple store here in toronto and the damn phone started working just like it was supposed to. the speed was fast…and every feature worked. safari, youtube, google all was good while i was at the store.

    i come home and wifi is dead again. it also appears to me that it is showing a self assigned IP to me. my router’s IP is..

    i manually put this into the IP line in settings (by selecting static from top)…no luck still.

    i wanna throw this thing way.

  20. Hi
    I was reading elsewhere and I noticed other people having problems connecting iphones to their university network. One person said use VPN to connect or something and that’s under the settings. I am not quite sure what the server name should be there? I used the same name as my uni’s wireless connection, but that doesn’t work.

  21. Luisen I’m glad to hear you managed to get things working again. What firmware version is your iPhone currently running 1.1.3. or 1.1.4?
    It appears some people are still having difficulties with 1.1.4.
    Scoopz (Admin)

  22. I was not able to open any websites on my iPhone on my home network. After resetting the network settings, forgetting the network and rebooting, I found that setting the DNS to my router’s address worked perfectly.

  23. Alright, thanks a lot. I appreciate all the help. I am considering and I might just an extra bolt on for unlimited web. This wifi is pissing me off. I can probably get it working at home when I will have all the details at my exposure, but I am basically out of options here, can’t think of anything else.
    The city I am in, don’t think there are any public hot spots either. I guess I am gonna have to go for a browse around.

  24. No it won’t affect the EDGE counter, they count inbound and outbound traffic over EDGE/GRPS only.
    All wifi traffic is separate and not counted anywhere as far as I can tell.

  25. Also I got another questions, say once I get the wifi working. Would it effect the EDGE network data ‘sent’ and ‘received’ under usage then?

  26. The keyboard will always show the capital letters but defaults to small letters so if you password is all lowercase (small) then it should be ok.

  27. I will try your last suggestion about the password. It’s really hard to tell whether I am inserting capital letters or the regular ones, my password is all small letters.

  28. I think it just might be that I am not able to put the letters of the password in small letters? Cauz from the keyboard that appears, it seems like all of them are big and I don’t know how to make them small like you can in txt msging.

  29. Kay, (primary) (secondary)
    The two entries above are your primary and secondary DNS servers. Some networks only have one but it is possible to setup multiple DNS servers.
    I haven’t had to put a password into my iPhone for a while but was sure it allowed upper and lower case using the “shift” (up arrow) key?
    Hold on I’m just resetting all my network settings to see what I get when i try and reconnect…..
    OK you’re right it doesn’t show the password being entered nor does it show upper or lower case on the keyboard but trust me it DOES make a difference. You click the Shift (up arrow) prior to entering a capital letter, after which it defaults to lowercase again. Go to the notes section and practice typing the wifi network key using capitals and lowercase until you’re confident you’ve got it right then go back to entering the password with the °°°° masking.
    Scoopz (Admin)


    Is this the DNS code? All of it? I’ve tried rebooting and clearing all settings. Did forget again just now, and put my password I use to connect to the same wifi on my laptop. I don’t see any way of making the keyboard that pops up at that password place letters small or big, so I just put in the password on that keyboard as it is. I get subnet mask quite similar to that of my laptop save for the last two numbers are 0.0 on the iphone.
    I can try putting as much information as possible from the info above in the iphone, but not sure what most the things on the iphone are. Thanks a lot for your help anyway, maybe once I go home I might have a better chance of connecting, but that won’t happen until couple months (international student). I will try to manually put some settings in i guess…

  31. Kay,

    Just noticed you said it asked for password so you tried your uni account password? It may be that although you’re connected to the wifi you’re not authenticated due to incorrect password. Ask uni for the WEP / WPA passcode for your wifi, forget the wifi network, also go to settings->general->reset and Reset netowrk settings, then force reboot the phone and try and connect to uni wifi again. If it asks for password type in the WEP/WPA code given to you by uni, it is case sensitive.
    See what happens…..

    Scoopz (Admin)

  32. The section below shows all the connection info for your current working wifi connection on the laptop:
    Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Con
    DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
    Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
    IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
    Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
    Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : January-27-72 5:05:36 AM
    Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : March-05-08 4:34:21 AM
    Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
    DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
    DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
    You’ll notice it’s been assigned an IP at the end of January and will continue to use this IP until March 5th (tomorrow). The IP was assigned by the DHCP server which is normally the same as the Router in a home situation but in your case the router is So your iPhone’s IP of 169.254.x.x is definitely self assigned, I’d expect the iPhone to pick up an IP similar to 134.36.6.xxx.
    You are probably best asking one of the uni campus IT guys for some help, they may have come across a similar problem before. The iPhone doesn’t allow you to fully configure the network settings but you can’t do any harm setting your iPhone DNS to match that of your laptop, etc but uni’s tend to have pretty secure networks for a reason.
    I assume you’ve tried clicking forget this network and then research for the network again?
    There’s a good chance connecting to another public network, like Starbucks, will clear some settings, several people above have had some success with this, sorry I couldn’t be more help but let me know if you find a resolution.
    PS – (i’ve deleted some of the extra lines in your previous post as they were for onboard network card, etc)

    Scoopz (Admin)

  33. First of all, thanks for the quick response. Well I am also on my laptop sitting in the library at the moment. We have a username and password to connect to the uni network.

    When I tried to connect to the uni network it asked me a password which I thought its asking my uni account password and I did that. It didn’t ask me the username though.

    I did what you said and this is what came up…not sure what settings am I supposed to look at and I am assuming put them in the iphone settings?


    Windows IP Configuration

    Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : KAujla
    Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
    Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
    IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
    WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

    Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Con
    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-1B-77-48-14-2F
    DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
    Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
    Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::7dd0:8eb3:75d4:c6d9%9(Preferred)
    IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
    Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
    Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : January-27-72 5:05:36 AM
    Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : March-05-08 4:34:21 AM
    Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
    DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
    DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 151001975
    DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
    NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Enabled


  34. ^^Kay^^
    If you are picking up a 169.254.xxx.xxx address on the iPhone then this would appear to be a self assigned IP address indicating that the wifi access point you are trying to connect to is not acting as a DHCP server. Did uni give you any specific instructions for trying to connect a wifi device to the network? Is the network definitely available for public use. If you know of any other wifi devices that can connect to it (laptop, desktop, etc) then see if you can see what settings they are picking up.
    One an XP laptop connected to the uni wifi network click start->run and then type “cmd” and hit return to open up a command prompt window. Type “ipconfig /all” and hit return. Then look through the resulting list for the wireless adapter and see what is shows for IP address, DHCP, router and DNS server.
    Regards upgrading to 1.1.4, as I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve had no reason to hack/j.break my iPhone but it does appear that 1.1.4 can be jailbroken:
    and i’m pretty sure if you put the phone into recovery mode you can downgrade to 1.1.3 (but don’t quote me on that I’ll wait for somebody else to confirm that here)

  35. Oh sorry for the double post, forgot to mention this is unlocked version. Itunes shows update available to 1.1.4 but I am not sure if I should do it or not, I don’t want it to get locked or something. So any suggestions on that?

  36. Having the same problem, 1.1.3 iphone. I installed bossprefs to disable the EDGE which I did, but the wifi isn’t working. Shows connected but safari says cannot find server.
    The IP address coming up on the phone is, I am using the wireless at my uni, there is no where else I can try this. Not sure what I should do? Any help?

  37. PERFECT!!! Thank you JoPhone! I was extremly desperate because all your advices did not work! I tried everything out. I went also to starbucks and there my iPhone connected directly.
    Only the lord knows why, my iPhone connects now also to my private WiFi!

    Please try it out. I´m interested in other results…

    Good luck!

  38. —Scoopz
    I have not tried upgrading for the fear of locking up my phone again. I have tmobile service. my WI-FI was working great before I decided to install the tzone hack 1.1.3, now I cant seem to find a fix to this matter.

  39. ^^JNJ^^
    Unfortunately I’ve got no hands-on experience with hacked or jailbroken iPhones but as far as I know doing a force reset (hold down home button and power) doesn’t affect any settings or preferences. I consider the force reset to be the equivalent of pulling the battery out of a normal (nokia for example) phone whilst it’s switched on.

    Have you tried upgrading to 1.1.4 yet?

    Scoopz (Admin)

  40. PLEASE HELP!!!! I have a hacked 1.1.3 16GB iphone I recently installed bigboss’s tzone hack along with 1.1.3 prefs fix from installer, once I noticed that it was not able to get internet through edge I unistalled both programs but notice once I did that my wifi was not working and has not been working since, any help would be appreciated.

    p.s. –if I do a force restart will I lose my installer and the programs.

  41. Alright people, I got my iPhone to connect to my PC again! I did the following: Regardless of my PC-iPhone-Wifi-connection not working I went around and checked out unsecured WLANs in the neighborhood and I finally ended up at Starbucks. There was an unlocked WLAN and – surprise! – my iPhone connected to it without any problem!

    So I first just surfed and installed some applications until I got enough and went home again. And now guess what: When I turned on my PC again and tried to connect the two devices once again it worked instantaneously!!! I am the happiest man tonight 😉

    So maybe what you could do if nothing of the above methods works is just what I did: Log into some other WLANs and after that try your own again. Maybe this method overwrites local properties in your iPhone, cleans the ARP or DNS cache or whatever, I don’t have any idea why it worked but it does!

  42. I recently messed up the internal iPod DB with using Winamp for syncing my iPhone and had to do a restore which upgraded my device to 1.1.4 and now my WiFi shows exactly the same problems as you mentioned, only all your recommendations do not work for me 🙁 Trying out Blackcat’s method now, getting desperate here…

  43. Hi, I just got my iPhone yesterday. It was on 1.1.2 and WiFi worked fine on it. However, this morning I updated my iPhone to 1.1.3 and now I cannot connect to any WiFi network at all. I cannot even access the WiFi configuration menu as the the button indicates “No WiFi”. I have tried resetting the network settings and also giving it a hard reset. None of that worked. Any suggestions as to what else I could possibly do?

  44. Lowey,
    I’ve successfully updated to 1.1.4 and connected to my wifi (Airport Extreme) without any problems. After reading about your issues I have tried Safari, YouTube, Weather, Stocks and Email. All of the function perfectly so I’m afraid it just seems to be an issue with your setup. Admittedly I’ve not tried roaming to another wifi network and then re-connect to my own airport extreme, if that causes any problems I’ll let you know.
    Also, I not that 1.1.4 has fixed the SMS sorting bug.
    Scoopz (Admin)

  45. ^^^Lowey^^^
    Thanks for reporting about your experience with 1.1.4, I’ve not had the chance to update yet but it’s downloading and updating in the background as I type this.
    From what I gather you’re stating that you have no wifi connectivity issues with 1.1.4 except the widgets (stocks, weather etc) are NOT updating when connected via wifi?
    I have an airport extreme like yourself, check back here in 10 minutes and I’ll let you know if my widgets update under 1.1.4.
    Scoopz (Admin)

  46. My iphone is now on 1.1.4 and works with every wifi connection apart from when it is on my own one the widgets wont update, I have spoken at length to apple and been passed around from the iphone support to the airport extreme help but neither could work it out.
    oh well at least I have net, mail and itunes!! just annoying that you pay big money for something that doesnt fully work! by the way my router and DNS are the same, tried changing them, makes no odds, net always works really fast too.

  47. I had same issues with 1.1.3 – not being able to connect to WiFi or Edge. After trying Resetting Network Settings unsuccessfully and some other suggested fixes, I followed what The Blackcat write and YES – Success! (Albeit only with WiFi – Edge still doesn’t want to work.)

    Thanks The Blackcat – but as you say, aaargh as need to go thru the hassle of doing this every time the iPhone needs a new IP.


  48. Hi there.
    When I was on 1.1.2 or < FW and I connect to Wi-Fi trought preferences, after pressing the home button Wi-Fi connection was stil alive.
    But now in 1.1.3 FW (doesn’t matter if JB or not) when I press the home button I lose the connection too (for example: I can’t connect to youtube after that … )
    Any ideas?

  49. ^^^Ruslan^^^
    If you’re iPhone is not picking up an IP address from the router’s DHCP then you definitely will not have any form of internet connectivity.
    Unfortunately you seem to be one of the few people who have not been able to fix the problem with the steps in this article.
    If it only happens with your router but works ok with another router the only possible solution would be to reset the router to factory settings or swap it for a new router.
    Scoopz (Admin)

  50. well i have a similar problem although none from the above worked i have tried all the methods but it does not give me a new router number and i think that could be the problem why i cant get in any web sites what do you think ?

  51. ^^^^
    The Blackcat, thanks for posting about your current problem.
    So far I’ve not heard of any others having problems re-appear after roaming to other wifi networks like yourself.
    When you say you restart both, are you simply shutting the phone down by holding the power button or are you doing a force restart by holding the home button and power button for 10 seconds?
    If you’ve not yet tried a forced restart of the phone give that a go and see what happens, don’t worry you don’t lose any data, etc on the phone. You might want to tell the iPhone to forget the network, then reset all network settings and then try a force reboot?
    Please post back if you have any success.
    Scoopz (Admin)

  52. Same problem with 1.1.3 (iPhone), and never had the problem before with other firmware. My fix is:
    1) reset network settings on iphone
    2) shut iPhone and Airport off for 5-10mins
    3) restart both.
    Problem is I have to do it every time the iPhone needs a new IP (e.g. I’ve been on an other network, had to turn off iPhone…) Aaaaaaarg!

  53. Thanks, this is great because it solved the problem.

    Something on DNS: don’t worry too much if your iPhone thinks that your router is the DNS server, as long as your internet works, because the router may act as a DNS forwarder.

  54. ^^^
    Thanks for the feedback.
    I’ve just checked my iPhone settings for the wifi network I am on at present and my DNS is pointing to the same IP as my router ( and all seems to work ok. Perhaps when you cleared the DNS IP it cleared a cache somewhere on the iPhone and got everything working again.
    But I am curious, now that you have yours working again, if you go back into SETTINGS->WI-FI-> and then select the details for the wifi network you are now on, has it put the DNS IP to the same as the router again?

  55. I had the same problem and none of the solutions here would work for me. Then I noticed that my DNS on my iPhone was the same as the router address. I don’t know how that happened but changing it solved the issue. Unfortunately, I discovered that only an hour later– very frustrating indeed.

  56. ^^Richard,
    You could try and narrow down which device is mis-behaving; the iPhone or the router!?
    Connect other iPhones and wifi devices to the wifi access point you are having problems with, if all other devices act as normal then it’s definitely the iPhone with the problem.
    Similarly can you connect the iPhone successfully to other access points other than your own? This would point to the access point playing up.
    Try restoring the iPhone using iTunes. You could also try resetting the wifi access point to factory settings, changing the channel for the wifi, turn off any WEP or WPA security on the network (temporarily though) and see if that helps, rename the wireless network, if there is an option for b/g compatibility on the router enable that, don’t have wireless 802.11n activated on the 5GHz band go for the 2.4GHz.
    Please post back if you find the fix.

  57. Jamie,

    Initially it was thought you couldn’t downgrade from 1.1.3 to previous firmware versions because of changes to the baseband firmware. Opinions have now changed and you could try following the instructions to downgrade here:
    but personally I wouldn’t downgrade just because of a wifi issue unless you absolutely must.
    As well as force restarting the phone, a similar method will allow you to enter recovery mode:
    You could try reapplying the 1.1.3 firmware?
    NB – I wouldn’t have thought downgrading to 1.1.2 would affect the TurboSIM method.

  58. ive tried that and nothin happened
    do you know how i can downgrade my iphone back to 1.1.2?
    and will this effect anythin to do with my turbosim, as thats the method i have used to unlock my iphone?

  59. ^^^
    If you rebooted everything, hard rebooted iPhone (holding down home button and power for 10 seconds), tried forgetting the network and resetting the network settings I’m afraid I can’t suggest much else.
    Do you have another wifi enabled device (laptop, friend’s iPhone, xbox360, PS3, wii, etc) that you can try and connect to wifi with and verify that it is JUST the iPhone having difficulties?
    Does the iPhone connect to other wifi networks at work, starbucks, etc?

  60. ive tried all of your suggested fixes to this prolem, but my iphone still wont connect to my wifi network in my house. any ideas on how to fix it?

  61. Thanks for your helpful post. My phone was delivered as 1.1.13 but it wouldn’t connect to my Airport Express (it was fine with the router in my other apartment but not the AE).

    I assigned the IP details manually as you, and all’s well.

    Thanks once again!

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