Nintendo Wii console – bundles only!

Nintendo Wii ConsoleI’ve been looking for a Nintendo Wii for some time now. I know lots of places have them in stock but only for “bundle” sales.

All I want is the bare bones console with no extras, I’ve checked all the Wii stock check sites, Tesco’s, Toys ‘R’ Us, Argos, Woolworths, Game, HMV, Amazon, and more and they’re all out of stock or bundles only.

Guess I’ll just have to keep waiting…….

UPDATE: I’ve since bought one from Woolworth’s who had 3 in stock 🙂

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  1. I wish microsoft would put the iplayer on the xbox 360 like sony and nintendo have on the ps3 and the Wii. Then the xbox would be the perfect console, especially with all the exclusive releases, i mean i dont even mind that you have to pay for the online. You can download demos and stuff for free which is cool and i use it chat to my mates a lot so i save money on a phone bill!

  2. Hmm, i know Guitar Hero 3 is really cool at the Wii. I can’t find it anywhere for the Xbox 360, but i might get one at amsterdam next weekend. So you have Wii Sport only i guess? Well… i love the bowling (H)

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