O2 triple minutes on iPhone tariffs to boost UK sales

Obviously not content with the iPhone sales figures in the UK, O2 have announced they are changing all three iPhone tariffs to the benefit of the end user.

NEW O2 iPhone tariffs (Feb 2008)

Those on the lowest £35 tariff get triple minutes and double SMS!
Those on the £45 tariff now get the same as the old £55 tariff, basically double mins, same SMS.
Those on the £55 tariff get dropped down to the new £45 tariff, so basically you’re saving £10 a month but you do have the option if you wish to jump up to the new £75 tariff if you really feel you need 3000 minutes!

For them to make such drastic tariff changes less than 3 months after it’s UK launch is a bold move, but definitely in the right direction. I know of 4 people who have all bought an iPhone after I’ve shown them all the features on my own device, but there are so many of my friends who would all love to get an iPhone, the cost of the handset itself doesn’t bother them, it’s the over-priced tariffs that have stopped them from taking the plunge. For the early adopters it’s a welcome break as many can now drop down a tariff and save some £££ over the course of the 18 month contract, I still wish they’d add an unlimited SMS option to the tariffs though.

The new tariffs come into effect as of today but depending on when you’re billing cycle is you may not notice the changes on your bill until mid March at the absolutle latest.

All current O2 iPhone customers should have by now received an SMS from O2 detailing the changes with a link to tell you more about it. The link varies depending on which tariff you were on, £35 link, £45 link and £55 link and includes instructions on how to easily change to a different tariff or you can simply click here and follow instructions to change tariffs.


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