iPhone 2.0 built in screen shot tool

With iPhone 2.0 install you can now do a screen shot (or screen grab) much like a print-screen in Windows or Apple-Shift-4 in OS X.

Simultaneously press the Home and Power buttons (i.e. – press and hold the home button and briefly press the power button whilst the home button is held). The screen will flash white to indicate the screen capture has been done and you will find the screen shot in your camera roll in the Photos section, ready to be downloaded into iPhoto, etc When iPhoto loads the camera roll ready for importing, you’ll notice the screen shots do not have an associated thumbnail, just an blank empty thumbnail. Clicking the blank thumbs and hitting import selected still works though and they appear fine as PNG’s in the main Library.

Home screen right now:

My page for Apps:

My Web shortcuts page:

You’re not restricted to screen grabbing just the home pages either, you can do a screen shot whenever you want in ANY application, so you could screen grab your high score in SuperMonkey Ball and email the screen grab to your friends instantly, here’s a few examples:

NOTE – Do not press and hold the Home button and Power button for more than a few seconds, hold them too long and you will end up hard-rebooting your iPhone. No damage done or data lost but you need to know these things.

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  1. Hmm yes thanks for the info about that. But i’m only going to need around 4 gb for my music so there’s still left 4 gb for apps (Which i guess is more than enough? I’m not going to own hundreds of apps i guess)


  2. @Marc:
    My current original iPhone is 8GB and that’s been more than enough for several albums, 3 or 4 movies and some video podcasts (check out Diggnation podcast every Sunday). If it’s not that much more expensive I would, however, get the 16GB model if you can.

    All these new iApps that they are bringing out, whilst they might be small, take up space on the iPhone that you might not have accounted for. There’s no size difference for the 16GB model just a few €€’s.

    Since 1995 I’ve always and i mean *always* owned nothing but Nokia’s! Everytime they brought out a new 8xxx series I would go and get it, I still do think Nokia are the best brand for mobile phones *except* for the iPhone. I’ve not looked back since getting the iPhone, I did initially miss the tiny size of my 8800 Sirocco and the ability to receive MMS and forward SMS jokes, etc but I hardly even think about that now. The quality of email photos from the iPhone is far better and to be able to get PUSH email, IMAP email, full web browsing, twitter apps, movies, podcasts, google maps, etc on one device and I’ve never even given Nokia a second chance.

    Scoopz (Admin)

  3. I got to the store today and asked for the prices. Well goes like this. Around 100 euro’s to get the phone. And then each month 150 minutes/sms for €29,95 (Which also includes internet down 2048/up 384 Kbps. With no restrictions of the usage.) Btw .. it’s the 8 gig edition. Not that expensive.

    I’m sure I’m getting one in the begin of august 🙂

  4. Hmm i’m fine, thanks for asking. Hmm yes but it’s an option to buy one in the US to get an Sim-only contract, which is a lot cheaper then getting one here in Holland and pay like 40 euro’s each month (mobile is free then i thought, but only one operator who sells them) + Then you need the “Unlimited Internet” package which is 10 euro’s above to 40 euro’s. No deal for me.

    Hmm what a shame about the activation and there Iphone in stock. They had to delay the whole release, but who am i to say.

    How are you by the way? Big up about the blog 🙂

  5. Marc, how’s things? I’d be cautious about buying one over in the USA, they’re not cheap if you don’t get one with a contract, you might just be best getting one in the Netherlands when it’s launched, was it launched today?

    The launch has been a complete failure here in the UK again; with all pre-order stock sold out within 18 hours earlier in the week and the remaining stock sent to stores. Some stores only had 7 phones available, the one I tried only had 24 phones. There isn’t a single white version of the 3G iPhone in the UK yet and the iTunes activiation server is down so people can’t even use their new iPhones.

    I’m glad I’ve waiting now, I’ve still got the old iPhone to keep me going until more stock becomes available.

  6. Hmm looks like a really great phone, it just has been released here in Holland. Might be able to get one out of the US. 🙂

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