iPhone 2.01 update officially released

Heard a rumor that Apple have just released iPhone 2.01 update, thought I’d check it out and it’s not a rumor! iPhone 2.01 has been released and is currently downloading 242.3MB in my iTunes.

Just connect up your iPhone and iTunes should announce that there’s an update ready and waiting.

I don’t really care what other bugs it fixes so long as my contacts will syncronise with my BMW iDrive via bluetooth…soon find out.

[30 minutes later]…Bad news for BMW drivers, iPhone 2.01 still doesn’t sync address book contacts with iDrive. When Apple mention numerous bug fixes with this version I’m not too sure which “bugs” they’ve fixed but immiediately the phone does seem to be more responsive. The horrible lag when you click on contacts before you could scroll through all your contacts has not gone but it is much shorter now, and after sending a few SMS, the keyboard lag seems to be gone now too.

I’m sure there will be many other fixes “under the hood” but to me and 1000’s of other BMW, Chrysler, Mercedes, Jeep, etc drivers out there, not fixing bluetooth connectivity issues with 2.01 was a big mistake.

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  1. damn, well thanks for staying on top of this. You tested everything before I even knew an update was available ! At least I know what to expect so I wont get my hopes up this time around.

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