Macbook Pro uptime of 134 days

When I got my Macbook Air and Time Capsule I gave my father my Macbook Pro and Airport Extreme.

He’d never used a Mac before so I showed him the basics, email, surf, download, music, video, DVD player, iPhoto, etc and left him to it.


My Macbook Air has now got a fault and needs sending to Apple for 2 weeks for repair so I’ve relieved my father of the Macbook Pro for the 2 weeks I’m Air-less.

Considering my father’s been using the Macbook Pro regularly I was a little shocked to see the show-off widget showing 134 days uptime!

That’s more than I get out of my windows servers at work.

I know many of you will leave comments saying you’ve seen up-times on windows servers/linux boxes, etc going into the years BUT for a laptop, that’s in use by my computer inept father to remain up for over 4 months is worth a screenshot at least:

There were, however, 500MB of updates waiting from Apple so it’s time to wave good-bye to the show-off uptime and follow in the footsteps of Windows and reboot!

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  1. @Hon – My Macbook Air kept losing the date and time if the main battery was ever run completely out, I’d power up the MBA and it would think it’s midnight 2001 or something odd like that. The small CMOS battery should keep the motherboard’s clock ticking to make sure the date and time are retained but it appears that my CMOS battery is dead. Once the MBA logs onto wifi it soon picks up the correct date and time from the Apple Time servers, but often I’m out and about with no network connection and have to set it manually.

    I’ve reported it to Apple and they agree that it sounds like a faulty motherboard battery and it needs repairing which can take up to 2weeks!

    Scoopz (Admin)

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