Range Rover / Land Rover Bluetooth PIN

Range Rover PIN is 2121

I recently tried to connect my iPhone to the built in bluetooth on a Range Rover Sport and whilst the phone could see the car’s bluetooth and start pairing I was being prompted for a PIN number which I didn’t know.

On iDrive equipped BMW’s you pick your own code to enter on the phone, say 1234 and then the car asks you to confirm this code on the iDrive.

On much older Nokia car kits the code was written on a sticker on the hardware so you had to make note of it but all the recent Nokia kits just use 0000 as the code.

I tried 1234, 0000 and some other defaults to connect my phone to the Range Rover Bluetooth and it didn’t accept them. I have since discovered (in the manual but obviously couldn’t check this easily) that the bluetooth PIN for all Range Rovers and Land Rovers is 2121.

[This blog entry is merely a reminder for me of the PIN for the future but it may come in useful to others]

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  1. Hi I have the Land rover discovery 3 2995, U have paired up my Samsung galaxy S9 note, no problem, ut when it rings its silant, then goes back to music so cant get the sound though the sowakwrs ?

  2. Great bit of reading but mainly on rrsports.
    I have 07 vogue with cradle but want to use blue tooth instead with android phone.
    Can i?
    Great info regarding 2121 code.
    Thanks for you help


  4. Range Rover 07. New samsung 6. Phone bluetooth picks up Range Rover, but car phone display, says no phone connected??
    Anyone, any ideas??

  5. Hi
    My car says no fone connected I have tried Bluetooth but can’t find the car , and the fone can’t find the car I guess it’s the car ??? any ideas please !!!!!



  6. Can someone please tell me how to click over while one call is on hold and u need to click over to the next call. Without having to hit flash on my cellphone.

    Scenario 1. I answer 1st call Jill. 2nd call rings and display does give me an option to answer 2nd call waiting. I press the green phone on screen to accept 2nd call Mary. Now Mary needs me to ask Jill a ?.

    How do I put Mary on hold to go back to kill with out touching my cell phone?

  7. @ Sara Delaney or anyone that could help- have you been able to stream Pandora on your Range with Iphone 6? I cannot for some reason via USB cable or via bluetooth. Yet i was able to set up my phone and address book. Any help would be most appreciated


  8. I see that everyone seems to have the same problem here re the phone connecting via Bluetooth. My S4 works fine on the Bluetooth but having to pair it every time is a pain Anyone know how to make the phone connect automatically Thanks

  9. Hi, I’ve just bought a rrs and am trying to pair my iPhone 5s with the Bluetooth. My phone finds the landrover Bluetooth to pair but when I put in the 2121 code it says check aud is on. Is there a specific way of pairing your phone or are there things which need to be turned on ect before it will pair? Any advice is greatly accepted thanks x

  10. Yes,done 2121,iphone 5 with/Range Rover vogue, 2006.
    Thanks, it was big help dear,

    It doesn’t ask you every time you get in the car the code to pair on iphone 5?

  11. Hope someone can help – I have a Range Rover Sport 2011 and whilst blue tooth connects I can’t get any sound from the phone to come through whilst talking. The phone is an iPhone 5 with IOS7. Cheers

  12. I tried using code 2121 to connect my Samsung Galaxy to our 2007 RR HSE, still doesn’t connect. It doesn’t give me an error on the phone or the RR display. It just won’t connect at all. Any suggestions. Disconnecting the battery from phone or RR did not work to reset anything. Any other suggestions would be great.

  13. I refer to the problem of having to pair my phone manually every time I get into the car since I have installed ios6. Can anyone help?

    1. Allister there is no way to change the b/t code of a RR Vogue. The code set at the factory is set for life. Is there a specific reason you want to change the pairing code?
      Scoopz (Admin)

  14. Eu tenho um Range Rover Sport 2009 HSE, nao comsigo emparelhar nenhum dos meus 2 telefones. Tenho um telefone Samsung Galaxy S3 e um Iphone 4, o radio nao reconhece, preciso de ajuda…

  15. Yes I have same problem. Can pair using 2121 but car doesn’t remember the phone and therefore needs to be manually paired each and every time I get in the car. Very annoying.
    Iphone4 & range rover sport 2007

  16. Hi .. thanks heaps the 2121 worked. However I have an iPhone 4s and I have to pair it every time I start the RR Sport 2007. Can anyone help get it to remain paired?

  17. My HTC phone has been working perfectly in my 2007 RRSport until just the other day.
    The Call Status Icon is permanently on and I cant get the stereo working unless I disconnect the phone.
    Anybody know why?

  18. This help me a lot because I didn’t receeive a manual with my range rover so I have been trying to figure this out for awhile now. Thanx

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