3D TV. A three dimensional flop or the future of entertainment?


The 3D film phenomena has been around for decades but only recently has this technology been available in our very own living rooms.

But how practical is this technology and will 3D TVs be around to stay or just another fad that will be soon forgotten?

There are three major downfalls of this technology, which has led many to believe that the 3D TVs’ time in the spotlight will be short lived.

Many viewers have found that watching a TV programme or film in this format can bring about headaches after viewing for approximately 20 minutes.

This is mainly due to the fact our brains and eyes have never had to deal with looking at these types of graphics before.

The way our eyes are able to focus on objects near and far away is neglected by 3D technology. 3D is still able to work as our brains work harder to make sense of the image in front of us, which is the reason this leads to a head ache quicker.

Another issue is due to the darkness of the picture and the poor definition the picture can look worse than an ordinary 2D programme. 3D glasses ‘gather in’ the image which also causes the picture to look dark.

While directors are now eager to include 3D technology in their films, recent productions have been criticised for having poor story lines but excellent 3D scenes. The quality of storyline and delivery seems to be the cost to watch a film where you have to wear glasses for it to take effect.

While seeing some 3D productions in the cinema can be impressive, by the time that level of quality reaches an affordable price to buy a 3D television in your local electrical store the technology will be dated. With hologram technology developing at an impressive rate and already mind blowing results, the 3D fad definitely looks like a 3D flop.

I’ve watched Avatar in 3D and loved it, to a point, then I got bored of the 3D effect, realised the story-line was pretty poor and wanted to walk out the cinema. Zebra Imaging is much more interesting as a product to me, they’ve got some very good 3D products available now but they’re static and as such no use for movies or games but it’s still worth watching the YouTube clip below so you can see just how amazing their technology already is. I still prefer games since the graphics they have developed are not bad at all, so I play games as Overwatch, with the help of sites like overwatchboostpros.com.

Would I buy a 3D TV? No, not with the current technology requiring glasses to be worn.

Would I watch a new movie in 3D at the cinema? Probably if it’s a big blockbuster that will benefit or amaze me in 3D (think Transformers type movies).

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