Listen to any BBC Radio live stream using VLC including Radio 1 and 1Xtra

If you want to listen to BBC Radio 1 Live stream you can do so by going to their website and clicking “Listen Now” but that will load the HTML player and if like me you keep accidentally closing your web browser it will stop the stream.

I much prefer using VLC (free) to listen to my streaming audio and it’s possible to listen to the Radio 1 stream using VLC but it proved tricky to try and locate the URL of the live stream so for those that are struggling:

Depending on the options you selected when you installed VLC, you might be able to simply click the link above which should load in a new page and then auto-launch VLC and start playing Radio 1 live stream. If clicking the link above doesnt work, in VLC’s top toolbar, click Media and then Open Network Steam and simply paste the URL above into the window and hit play. Alternatively if you like keyboard shortcuts, just hit CTRL+N to open the network stream window and paste in the URL above.

The next time you want to listen to the Radio 1 live stream in VLC, open VLC as normal and then hit CTRL+1 to reload the most recently listened to stream.

In case Radio 1 isn’t your cup of tea, below are a variety of other BBC radio streaming URLs, if you come across any more please leave the link in the comments below and I will update this post.

Network URL
Radio 1
Radio 1Xtra
Radio 2
Radio 3
Radio 4
Radio 4Xtra
Radio 5 Live
Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
Radio 6
Radio Asian
Radio Cymru
Radio Foyle
Radio nan Gaidheal
Radio Scotland
Radio Ulster
Radio Wales
BBC Berkshire
BBC Bristol
BBC Cambridgeshire
BBC Cornwall
BBC Coventry & Warwickshire
BBC Cumbria
BBC Derby
BBC Devon
BBC Essex
BBC Gloucestershire
BBC Guernsey
BBC Hereford & Worcester
BBC Humberside
BBC Jersey
BBC Kent
BBC Lancashire
BBC Leeds
BBC Leicester
BBC Lincolnshire
BBC London
BBC Manchester
BBC Merseyside
BBC Newcastle
BBC Norfolk
BBC Northampton
BBC Nottingham
BBC Oxford
BBC Sheffield
BBC Shropshire
BBC Solent
BBC Somerset
BBC Stoke
BBC Suffolk
BBC Surrey
BBC Sussex
BBC Tees
BBC Three Counties
BBC Wiltshire
BBC York
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