SanDisk microSD XC card overheated and melted SD card adapter

The pictures tell the story. 64GB SanDisk microSD XC I Class 10 card bought from Amazon and was being used in the Sandisk microSD to SD card adapter when it got super hot and melted the adapter. SanDisk support were worryingly blasé about it when I spoke with them, they didn’t seem to see the problem with a microSD card getting hot enough to melt plastic and just asked for it to be returned for a replacement.

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  1. I just had my 256 sandisk get so hot it burnt my fingers, it was only showing as a 31m card and couldn’t be formatted and couldn’t be read at all.
    Seems to be a sandisk issue by the above comments.
    I have always brought Sandisk and have two more on the way, now thinking I should have ordered Kingston or something else.

  2. Ditto. Kingston 32 GB uSD suddenly wouldn’t work with a DFPlayer module, and also was mysteriously unmountable in various computers. Noticed extreme overheating within a second of insertion in a desktop computer, and it burned my thumb. Just glad I have backups, and that it didn’t start a fire or melt anything beyond repair.

  3. Back up you data ppl. A card overheating and losing data should only be an issue if you are actually creating the original to the card, like during the recording of a video, or at the time you are trying to do the backup.
    Two is one, one is none.

    Having said that I’m still trying to find if SD cards heating up to some degree is normal. But I can’t find any answers, only others that have cards that get very hot.

  4. Same here!! Lots many files!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr……I cant format it because the PC doesnt pick it up anymore, just heats up instantly when i insert it…

  5. Same thing happened to me when I was using a SanDisk Ultra 32gb microSD card in my Raspberry Pi, when it all of a sudden froze up and when I unplugged it, I discovered to my horror that my MicroSD card had heated up so much that it had warped. Card is now unreadable along with all the stuff on it. It’s a shame since I thought of SanDisk as a high-quality manufacturer.

  6. Me also my sandisk happen to overheating and asking me to format but if I just click to format didn’t work also. I lose all my medical review files..

  7. Same thing just happened to me with a 200GB Sandisk Micro SD card 🙁 Luckily I had already taken about 75% of what was on there off but super bummed to have lost the rest of my photos and videos!

  8. Had the same overheating with my 32 Gig SanDisk microSD purchased from Amazon- lost all my family photos and videos as the card is now unreadable

    1. This happened to me with a 128GB MicroSD Card from SanDisk – it had most of my music library on it – lost it all… I managed to eject the thing (burns your finger as it RAPIDLY heats up to melting) from my FIIO X1 but the card is toast, literally…

  9. happened on my laptop, an old 4gb micro and an 8gb. funny thing was my old Galaxy S2 had no problem reading the 8GB, 4GB wouldnt show up. the 64GB i just bought works like a charm. driver incompatibility? hmm

  10. I had the same issue on my MicroSD card with the adapter, it started over heating and I removed it. My data is all gone. Card is not accessible.

  11. Not cool. I just spent hours with 3 models to shoot separate bits of footage for a music video and I can’t call them all back to reshoot. The A’s card also had a interview piece of a rapper before he was locked up. And my sandisk 64GB micro SD XC card melted the adapter!
    How could this happen!?! I thought of sandisk as of of the top manufacturers in the field? I see that the card can be reimbursed. But I want to know if it’s possible to safely retrieve my footage?

  12. I just happen to lost all my pics and videos due to a faulty Lexar 64GB class 10 micro SD card. Phone will become hot without reason (not connected to the charger or using it) and my battery will drop way to fast (from 100% to less than 15% in a couple of hours). I did notice that my phone was detecting a malfunction in the card (will not save new pics taken until restarted) and Gallery will display black squares instead of the pics. I assumed it was because I had it partitioned at 32GB and then restored it (that is when the problem started). Using an adapter, my laptop will not recognize the card and was extremely hot (no more than 5 minutes connected). I’m using a new 16GB and phone is cool, battery last as before (all day) and no problems taking pics. I should have backed up while I could 🙁 Well… too late now. Lesson learned.

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