HSBC Phishing SMS

Warning – don’t be fooled by any text messages you receive from HSBC saying your account has been locked.

I received an SMS from 07925 624942 stating

Your HSBC account has been locked for security reasons.
To re activate, please visit:

You can easily tell it’s a phishing scam because the actual domain is not HSBC.

Out of interest I wanted to see what kind of information they were trying to steal.

You can tap and hold a link in iOS to preview the link before going to it. You should be able to tell it’s not legitimate from the preview.
It requests your online banking ID
Then asks for all your contact details and date of birth.
Finally they ask for your card details, account number and security code!

Do not fall for this kind of phishing scam.

The fake URL looks even more convincing on a desktop browser and also includes a valid SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt Authority X3

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