Outlook reminders not working (fix)

Having migrated our Exchange server at work to a new machine, several of my employees noticed that the reminder window was no longer popping up to remind them of upcoming appointements, events, meetings, etc.

Luckily there was a nice easy fix:

  1. Quit Outlook
  2. Click Start->Run
  3. Type “outlook /cleanreminders” without the quotes and hit OK.
  4. Outlook will then launch after cleaning any corrupt appointments.
  5. Quit Outlook again.
  6. Click Start->Run
  7. Type “outlook /cleanfreebusy” without the quotes and hit OK.
  8. Outlook will then launch after cleaning any corrupt free/busy slots.
  9. That’s it.

4 of my employees had this problem with Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2003. The above fix worked first time for all of them.

iPhone 1.1.3 – cannot connect to wi-fi (airport) after upgrade

UPDATE (27 Feb 2007) – Wifi problem should be fixed now in 1.1.4

Well having successfully updated my iPhone to 1.1.3 I have noticed that I am no longer able to join wi-fi networks, it says i’m connected to my Apple Airport but browsing web pages fails stating unable to connect to server.

I jumped into settings and turned wi-fi off then back on and let it join the network again. Same problem.

I then tried the advanced tab for the network and told it to forget the network and then find it again, same problem.

I tried force closing Safari (by holding down the home button) and then relaunched Safari, still not working.

Next was to reboot the airport express, didn’t solve it.

I tried my MacBook Pro on wi-fi, worked ok so it’s not an internet or airport problem.

Finally I noticed in the advanced tab of the wi-fi network that the phone was getting a self assigned IP address (169.xxx.xxx.xxx) not picking one up from Airport DHCP. Clicking renew lease didn’t work, still self assigned IP so this appeared to be the problem, the iPhone wasn’t being assigned an IP by my airport express. I tried my netgear (Sky) router and the same problem with that.

I finally turned the phone off and back on (with a forced reboot, holding down home button and power button for up to 10 seconds) and then checked the wi-fi advanced page, finally it picked up a DHCP assigned IP and all is well again.

Not sure what 1.1.3 did but I’d never had that problem before.

On a side note: a family member also has an iPhone and updated to 1.1.3 last night. He said it all went well, he was playing with the new features before he went to bed and then turned his phone off last night. On the way to work he powered his phone back on and it’s simply showing an icon saying connect the phone to iTunes, emergency calls only. So it looks like its gone back to the “virginal” or “as new” setting for some reason. So he’s without his phone and all his contacts until he gets back from work.

UPDATE: Two friends updated their iPhones to 1.1.3 and neither could then connect to wifi (Apple Airport or their Orange Livebox Router). Same problem with it not picking up an IP via DCHP. They gave me a call so I pointed towards this blog to follow the instructions. They both followed all the steps above and this worked for one of them only. The other iPhone still wouldn’t pick up an IP. In the end he fixed it by simply going into the settings menu and choosing

“Settings”->”General”->”Reset”->”Reset Network Settings”

so you might want to try that first as a quicker and easier fix?

XML Sitemap Tool for Google Yahoo MSN

Those who use Google webmaster tools will know how important an updated site map is for crawling purposes. There are several sites out there that will give you free online sitemap generation but limit this to 500 pages or less. This limit shouldn’t be a problem for most end users but when you start crawling photos pages made using JAlbum and you can easily have 1,000’s of html pages to add to the sitemap.I found a java based free online sitemap generator that has absolutely no limits, it’s fast, configurable and easy to use so I’m book marking it here for me to find it again in the future:

XML Sitemap Tool for Google Yahoo MSN

WARNING – I’ve found that trying to use the tool in the link above from an Apple running OS X 10.5 crashes both Firefox and Sarafi. I’m not sure why but once it starts to load the java app everything just hangs. Works fine on Internet Explorer 6 and 7 under XP.