Glastonbury 2017 Essentials – Packing List

Glastonbury 360° Little Planet

Below is a list of some of the essential items to take with you to Glastonbury Festival, or any multi-day camping festival. You might think you’re super-organised and have everything you need, but quickly scroll through the list below to see if there is anything you’ve forgotten. If you think I’ve forgotten something please let us know in the comments at the end.

Also make sure you check out the 360° Virtual Tour of Glastonbury that I created in 2015.


Plastic Bottles (any drinks in glass bottles will be confiscated)

Dry Shampoo

Reusable Water Bottle


Sleeping Bag

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Sony DSC-RX100M3 Sensor Dust [Sample Pics] : [Repaired by Sony]

Sony DSC RX100M3 Sensor Dust Sample Image RX100 RX100M2 RX100M4 RX100iii

I bought my RX100M3 in December 2014 and it’s pretty much the only camera I use to capture my personal memories and I choose to leave the bulky Canon 5D Mark iii for work only events.

In the last 8 months I’ve taken my trusty RX100M3 skiing in Austria, a long weekend in Paris, a stag week in Vegas, a week at Glastonbury Festival and most recently a week in Switzerland. I look after my kit and it’s never dropped, exposed to moist or excessively dusty environments, kept in a soft pouch, etc. It’s got an official Sony screen protector on the rear and Sony grip on the front. (If you are reading this and you own any RX100 model do yourself a massive favour and buy the Sony stick on grip, you’ll thank me).
So on my latest trip to Switzerland I was trying to capture the beautiful lake view and instantly noticed a large dark spot in the sky on every image.

Sony RX100M3 Sensor Dust
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Is call audio logging baked into your iOS device?

Are Apple and the NSA logging your phone calls?

How much do we actually know about our mobile devices? The information they collect, store and transmit is largely unknown to the majority of users and closed sources and systems make it difficult to maintain transparency in a progressively security conscious time.

We all make mistakes with security, your author revealed some of these a few years ago where Facebook, Dropbox, 1Password and a smorgasbord of other apps were found to be storing critical data in plain text.

A few years on and again I was digging around in code and spotted something which concerns me.

It may be nothing, but I think it’s in our collective interests to have the following clarified.

The following header file displays the function names contained within the iOS 8.1 Springboard App’s TelephonyManager interface


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