iPhone 2.01 introduces a delay when answering a call?

I’ve noticed recently that whenever I answer a call and say “Hello” the person calling me doesn’t hear my initially “Hello” and I end up having to repeat it a second time.

I thought this was just the person on the other end not paying attention until I called a friend of mine and he didn’t appear to speak when he answered the call, when I asked him about it he too complained that even though he says “Hello” the third party cannot hear it.

I’ve just done a few tests calling myself from another phone and it does seem like Apple have introduced a short 0.5 second delay from sliding the answer tab to the mic being enabled with 2.01. I guess this is to give you time to get the iPhone up to your ear and start a conversation but I’d like the option in a menu somewhere to toggle “Instant Answer” on/off.

This is my experience with the original iPhone updated to 2.01, if you’ve noticed similar problems with your 3G iPhone and somebody not hearing you for a split second when you answer a call leave a comment below.