SD TabletWear Advanced Motorola XOOM Case [Review]

SD TabletWear Advanced Motorola XOOM CaseHaving used a naked Xoom for a couple weeks I hastily purchased an official Folio case, which has been doing it’s job, just. After a couple weeks of use the Folio case is providing excellent protection when travelling, but it’s nothing less than awkward when trying to use the Xoom with it fitted! A desk-stand it is not! Having looked at various options for a replacement Xoom case I decided the SD TabletWear case was perfect. A faux leather (this case is only ¬£20 remember) outer skin with soft innards and a decent mechanism for using the case as a desk stand, it ticked all the boxes.

My concern around the case being too flimsy were quickly dispelled as the case is reinforced with some pretty stiff material inside. It’s not as protective as the hard plastic of the official Folio case but it’s not as ugly either! Book-style cases suit tablets really well and the solid magnetic fastener on this one keeps the case firmly together whenever required.

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iPad 2 gaps start appearing. Apple suffering quality control issues?

Something has been bugging me with my 2 week old white iPad 2 64GB 3G, there’s a small gap along the top edge of the iPad where the glass meets the aluminium back. Just above the camera and below the black plastic 3G antenna strip there is a thin light grey stip of plastic/bezel that is fitted nice and tight around the other three edges but along the top edge there’s a definite gap.

It was proving pretty tricky to photograph so I resorted to my trusty Veho USB Microscope
to get a video and some photos at the end of the post.

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Amazon Black Friday leaked upcoming items price list?

Amazon's Black Friday 2011 page
Amazon's Black Friday 2011 page

Came across a so called “leaked” list of upcoming items and sale prices for Amazon Black Friday.

The list wasn’t too easy to read in plain html list formats¬†o I simply took copy and pasted it into Excel to make it easier to view in columns and then saved the resulting Excel file as a PDF which you can find below:

Amazon Black Friday Leaked product list

I certainly wouldn’t rely on the information in the list as being 100% accurate, after all, we haven’t got a clue where it originated from but it makes for an interesting read.