iPhone 1.1.3 software update

After plenty of rumors across the web, the latest software update has just been released from Apple.It was announced at the Keynote Address (watch it here) along with several other new products, including the MacBook Air and Time Capsule wi-fi base station with up to 1TB storage for wireless backups.

Back to the iPhone update. Upon reading about the announcement I clicked the Apple logo in the top left of the desktop and ran a manual software update to obtain the latest iTunes, etc. Half way there…….After opening the new iTunes and connecting the iPhone I clicked “Check for Updates” only to be informed that Apple’s Software Server is Busy or unobtainable, check internet connection or try again later. Since my network was functioning correctly and all web site were accessible I assumed the server had reached its connection limit with everybody trying to get the update.

True enough, half an hour later iTunes asked me to agree to some new T&C’s before downloading the 1.1.3 software.

iPhone v1.1.3 (1)

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