Fuji X10 problem with dust inside lens units

I’ve only had my Fuji X10 for a couple of months and it’s an excellent bit of kit but it’s not without its flaws. Aside from the known issue with white discs (blooming) in highlight areas and slow boot times if you don’t format the card in the camera I’ve now got a bigger and much more annoying problem dust inside my lens.

I checked the camera thoroughly when I received it and there were definitely no dust traces inside the lens when it was new. The other day I was cleaning it with my trusty Lens Pen 2 and noticed there were some stubborn spots of dirt I couldn’t shift. On closer inspection I was shocked to find there is what I consider to be a large number of dust particles clinging to the inside of the front lens element and also to one of the inner lens elements.

It seems that this is quite a common problem with many other Fuji X10 users reporting the same. It is, however, reassuring to know that Fuji have been cleaning dust from inside the lens for other users free of charge under warranty. I will be getting this done but since Fuji have announced there is a new sensor replacement program on the horizon this month (May 2012) to combat the white orb sensor issue, I think I’ll wait until I send it off for the sensor swap and ask them to clean inside the lens at the same time.
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XML Sitemap Tool for Google Yahoo MSN

Those who use Google webmaster tools will know how important an updated site map is for crawling purposes. There are several sites out there that will give you free online sitemap generation but limit this to 500 pages or less. This limit shouldn’t be a problem for most end users but when you start crawling photos pages made using JAlbum and you can easily have 1,000’s of html pages to add to the sitemap.I found a java based free online sitemap generator that has absolutely no limits, it’s fast, configurable and easy to use so I’m book marking it here for me to find it again in the future:

XML Sitemap Tool for Google Yahoo MSN

WARNING – I’ve found that trying to use the tool in the link above from an Apple running OS X 10.5 crashes both Firefox and Sarafi. I’m not sure why but once it starts to load the java app everything just hangs. Works fine on Internet Explorer 6 and 7 under XP.