The update “Safari” cannot be saved [fix]

I very rarely use my old MacBook Pro but I recently came to use it and there were 10+ updates waiting to be installed including the new OS X 10.5.6 update.

I left them all downloading and updating but one, the Safari update, refused to work. It said I had insufficient access rights but considering I’m the only user and I’ve always been setup as an administrator this was strange.
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Macbook Pro uptime of 134 days

When I got my Macbook Air and Time Capsule I gave my father my Macbook Pro and Airport Extreme.

He’d never used a Mac before so I showed him the basics, email, surf, download, music, video, DVD player, iPhoto, etc and left him to it.


My Macbook Air has now got a fault and needs sending to Apple for 2 weeks for repair so I’ve relieved my father of the Macbook Pro for the 2 weeks I’m Air-less.

Considering my father’s been using the Macbook Pro regularly I was a little shocked to see the show-off widget showing 134 days uptime!
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Backing up raw AVCHD video from SDHC cards to disk image

I’ve recently purchased a Panasonic SD-100 HD video camera that records onto SDHC cards, there are plenty of reviews of it around the web, so I won’t repeat what they have to say but it really is a superb HD video camera, small, lightweight, good battery life and the picture quality far exceeds my expectations.

I have 2x4GB SDHC cards which each hold around 40mins on the highest quality setting, when they get full I normally just open iMovie 08 and import all the footage before wiping the card. The problem is, I sometimes do this on my MacBook Air and was shocked to find a warning saying I was low on disk space on the Air. I had 10GB free before I started importing 4GB of video but I didn’t realise that iMovie 08 un-packs all the video from the video camera’s compressed format so the 4GB ends up being ~16GB+. Importing the video on my MacBook Air is also quite a slow process, on my Mac Pro it’s not too slow but I needed a solution to copying the card contents whilst on the road in order to free up the space on the card.

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