Should you buy a Kindle if you already have an iPad 2?

My inner geek is telling me I need a Kindle. Even before the newer and cheaper models I’ve always been drawn towards a Kindle which is strange because I don’t read books, period!

I have an iPad 2 and several eBooks on that in both iBooks and Kindle app format. I’ve started to read books and then lost interest or been distracted by push alerts for a game of Words with Friends of Twitter alerts. That’s one of my issues with the iPad as a reading device, it’s far too easy to get distracted. I should really turn on AirPlane mode if I want to sit down and seriously read a book on the iPad but I just can’t bring myself to do that and I don’t know why. Continue reading “Should you buy a Kindle if you already have an iPad 2?”

Amazon Black Friday leaked upcoming items price list?

Amazon's Black Friday 2011 page
Amazon's Black Friday 2011 page

Came across a so called “leaked” list of upcoming items and sale prices for Amazon Black Friday.

The list wasn’t too easy to read in plain html list formatsĀ o I simply took copy and pasted it into Excel to make it easier to view in columns and then saved the resulting Excel file as a PDF which you can find below:

Amazon Black Friday Leaked product list

I certainly wouldn’t rely on the information in the list as being 100% accurate, after all, we haven’t got a clue where it originated from but it makes for an interesting read.