New Fuji X10 sensor now available for free replacement

Good news for all you Fuji X10 owners, the new X10 sensor that fixes the well documented orb issue is now available (as of 30th May 2012).

I signed up for the sensor replacement with Fuji a few weeks ago by calling Fuji UK Customer services on 08445532322 and giving them my name, address and serial number. They told me to sit tight and wait until I receive a pre-paid packaging to return my camera for the new sensor and also to clean the dust from the inside of my lens at the same time. Make sure you read more about the dust inside X10 lens problems and if you are suffering from the same with your X10 ask them to clean it when it has the sensor swap.

This morning I received the following email

Mr Cooper,

Thank you for registering your camera for a sensor replacement and also for your patience in waiting for the sensors to become available. I am very happy to announce that we now have these parts in stock and we can upgrade your camera as soon as you are able to do without it for a short while.

You will shortly receive some pre-paid packaging with instructions on how to send your camera to our service centre securely and free of charge.

If you have any questions about this service or anything else to do with your Fujifilm camera, please call our helpline team on 08445532322 or email the address below:

Kind regards

Ben Barker
Customer Service Manager

So far I’ve not received my pre-paid packaging but I will update this post when that arrives and also update to let you know how long it took them to replace the sensor. Continue reading “New Fuji X10 sensor now available for free replacement”

Should you buy a Kindle if you already have an iPad 2?

My inner geek is telling me I need a Kindle. Even before the newer and cheaper models I’ve always been drawn towards a Kindle which is strange because I don’t read books, period!

I have an iPad 2 and several eBooks on that in both iBooks and Kindle app format. I’ve started to read books and then lost interest or been distracted by push alerts for a game of Words with Friends of Twitter alerts. That’s one of my issues with the iPad as a reading device, it’s far too easy to get distracted. I should really turn on AirPlane mode if I want to sit down and seriously read a book on the iPad but I just can’t bring myself to do that and I don’t know why. Continue reading “Should you buy a Kindle if you already have an iPad 2?”

iPad 2 gaps start appearing. Apple suffering quality control issues?

Something has been bugging me with my 2 week old white iPad 2 64GB 3G, there’s a small gap along the top edge of the iPad where the glass meets the aluminium back. Just above the camera and below the black plastic 3G antenna strip there is a thin light grey stip of plastic/bezel that is fitted nice and tight around the other three edges but along the top edge there’s a definite gap.

It was proving pretty tricky to photograph so I resorted to my trusty Veho USB Microscope
to get a video and some photos at the end of the post.

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UK iPhone users cannot upgrade to the White iPhone 3G

19 days after it was initially launched, it still appears Apple have restricted the White iPhone 3G to Apple stores and “brand new customers only”.

There are only 3 official sources for the iPhone 3G in the UK:

1 – Apple
2 – Carphone Warehouse (CPW)
3 – O2

If you are an existing iPhone owner and wish to upgrade you cannot go to an Apple store! All upgrades for current iPhone users have to be done through Carphone Warehouse or O2.

The problem is, Apple have so far not given any stock of the White iPhone 3G to either O2 or CPW. This effectively means that existing iPhone users cannot upgrade to the White iPhone 3G and must, for now at least, settle for the black version.

I’ve made near daily visits and several phone calls to both O2 and Carphone Warehouse trying to confirm a date that they’ll be receiving stock of the White iPhone 3G so that I can upgrade and some of the responses I’ve been getting are shocking:

“oh no sir, there’s no white iPhone only black, you must be confusing it with the iPods?”

“the White iPhone is going to be exclusive to the Carphone Warehouse, O2 won’t have any”

“the White iPhone is going to be for Pay As You Go customers only”

“The White iPhone will launch between October and December along with the PAYG version”

For Pay As You Go customers only!! Don’t talk rubbish, why would a PAYG customer (who’s going to be paying well over the odds for the phone in the first place) be restricted to getting the White one, which is 16GB only? Christmas time? Really? The Apple store has plenty of them in right now.

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