KeyCase iPad 2 Folio Deluxe with Bluetooth Keyboard [Review]

I bought the first generation iPad on UK launch day way back in 28 May 2010 and since then have upgraded to the iPad 2, again on launch day and have the new iPad (aka iPad 3) pre-ordered for delivery this Friday 16th March. I love the iPad, it filled a gap between my iPhone and MacBook Air that I didn’t know was there. In a similar way, the KeyCase iPad 2 Folio Deluxe case with built in bluetooth keyboard fills a gap for an iPad  case that I didn’t know was there.

Whilst this review relates to my iPad 2 paired to a bluetooth keyboard case, the majority of the benefits I discuss in this article would equally apply to a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 case with built in bluetooth keyboard or a Kindle Fire case with built in keyboard (if such a thing exists).

I’ve never had a problem using the iPad or iPad 2 onscreen keyboard, it’s fast and responsive and the keys are a decent size (in landscape mode at least) but I would never dream of using the iPad on screen keyboard for anything other than quick email replies, form filling, brief note taking etc. For anything that needed more than 5 minutes of keyboard time I’d bring out the MacBook Air which is far easier to speed touch type on and get a lengthy email, proposal, blog post or report typed up.

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Best keyboard/mouse combo for Apple users?

I’ve always had a problem finding the best mouse/keyboard combo for my Mac Pro desktop setup. I’ve been a religious Logitech MX1000 user at work on my Windows box but wanted something to complement my Apple setup.

My Mac Pro came bundled with the Mighty Mouse and Apple wired keyboard and this was “OK” for the interim but much as I love the scroll ball on the mighty mouse, I found the lack of additional programmable buttons an annoyance. Granted I could squeeze the Mighty Mouse and program that to anything I wanted but it still meant I could only set it to forward or backward. I also like to set an additional button (normally the scroll button) to Exposé’s Show All Windows.

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