iPhone 3.0 and BMW iDrive, it’s all still working

As many of you may know, historically Apple updates have had a tendency to break BMW iDrive communicating with iPhones to sync contacts and make/receive calls.

Apple’s latest update, iPhone 3.0, is launched today (17th June 2009) and I thought I’d let you all know that I’ve had iPhone 3.0 up and running on my iPhone a little early. I’m happy to report that over the last 7 days the iPhone has been working flawlessly with my BMW iDrive, all contacts have been syncing and calls received and made without any issues.

So rest assured you can update your iPhone software to iPhone 3.0 and continue to drive safely with your iPhone fully connected to your iDrive.

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  • I have the same problem. I can paired and got all the contacts display day before and then now it disappeared from the iDrive.


  • Hi

    I have s/w 3.1.3 and can sucessfully pair my iphone 3G to my BMW 2005 e90.

    I have been able to pair my iphone with many earlier s/w versions, but lately not all of my contacts are being displayed as caller id's on the idrive screen.

    Can't understand why some names appear and other don't even though they are in my contacts list and shown on the iphone itself during an incoming call.

    Any ideas???



    • @Jak - I have the same thing happen on very random occassions. Let say I call Ben from the iDrive by either selecting his name in the A-Z list or iDrive voice dial, either way the point is his name and number ARE in the iDrive and stay displayed on the screen during the call. If 5 minutes later on the same journey Ben calls me back, the iDrive doesn't tell me the identity of the incoming call it just shows ********** so you end up fumbling to find the phone to look on the iPhone itself at who's calling.

      I've not found any logic to it, I thought it could be if two people, say Ben and Amy who live together, have the same number under each name for their home phone. When a call comes in from that number the iDrive doesn't know which number to display. I have tested this and it's not the case because incoming calls from a mobile number only associated with one person sometimes show as *******.

      I thought maybe I had too many contacts syncing to the iDrive (it also used to take several minutes to resync all entries when first setting off on a journey but not always) so now I've gone into the new option in the Bluetooth setting to pick which contacts you want to sync and selected my "favourites" only.


      Scoopz (admin)

  • Hi there

    Wonder if anyone can help - not clear from this forum which is best option and I'm a beginner.

    Have a 2010 idrive and want to download all my songs from my iphone 16gb (latest version)

    I know I can use bluetooth to connect and pair....and download my contacts.....but whats the best way to download and save all my tunes to the idrive?

    Do I need a lead to plug into my iphone and the bmw idrive input socket and if so, can anyone send me a link of the correct one to buy?

    many thanks

    p.s. can you download video clips to idrive??

  • I have same problem as Howard – a 328i 2009 BMW and my iPhone works but I cannot play music through my iPod interface. Worked fine until I upgraded to 3.0.

  • Hi, iPhone 3G and BMW 530i E62: Is it possible to hear music via iPod program with bluetooth in the car? br, chris

  • I have a2010 328i with ipod capability. I plug in the 3G iPhone and the address book appears to snych but my phone ends up loosing its 1900 addres entries in the process. I reloaded the iphone address book and it happened a 2nd time as well. I expect it will continue to happen. I am on OS 3.0 at this time on the iPhone

  • With the iphone 3g/bmw 328i combo I have I cant say if idrive is relevant or not, what is an idrive?

  • I have an '09 335i and the Ipod adapter plays my nano but not my ipod touch.. any tips/advice would be great!

  • Just so everyone knows - my 2010 328 x drive had the same problem with my iPhone 3G phone. It only displayed LAST NAME, FIRST NAME and I could not get it to display FIRST NAME, LAST NAME so that the voice activation would work.

    I took the car in for service to replace the iDrive dial that was de-laminating. This required a SOFTWARE upgrade (covered by warranty). PRESTO - MAGIC.......

    The software upgrade now includes an option for listing your contacts (no matter how many you have) - as FIRST NAME followed by LAST NAME. My local BMW service center had NO IDEA what I was talking about. I just got lucky. Upgrade your iDRIVE software and your problem will be fixed.

    PS: I have the iPhone docking station but that made no difference. It was all about the BMW iDrive Software upgrade!!!