Safari in Lion adding a suffix of [SP] to web page titles [SOLVED]

Twitter user @benmarsh recently noticed that his Safari running under OS X Lion was adding [SP] after the title of any page he visited and was seeking some assistance.

Initially he thought it was just one of his Safari plugins but even after disabling all Safari plugins the [SP] still appears as shown in the screen shot below. Continue reading “Safari in Lion adding a suffix of [SP] to web page titles [SOLVED]”

The update “Safari” cannot be saved [fix]

I very rarely use my old MacBook Pro but I recently came to use it and there were 10+ updates waiting to be installed including the new OS X 10.5.6 update.

I left them all downloading and updating but one, the Safari update, refused to work. It said I had insufficient access rights but considering I’m the only user and I’ve always been setup as an administrator this was strange.The update "Safari" can't be saved.
Continue reading “The update “Safari” cannot be saved [fix]”