Macbook Air screen now folds flat. Broken hinge?

UPDATE 29th August 2009 – Apple have finally acknowledged there is an issue with the MacBook Air hinges and is offering to repair/replace any faulty hinges even if the warranty has expired. Click here to read the full article on Apple’s website.

I bought my MacBook Air in Feb 2008 and for the last 11 months I’ve always been frustrated with the restrictive screen angle. It didn’t seem to go much past vertical (roughly 120°) so there were certain situations when I had it on my lap where I could not get the screen back far enough to view comfortably.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) my MacBook Air hinge broke/snapped the other day and this has resulted in the screen folding almost completely flat (roughly 160°).

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New Macbook Air cheaper if you configure your own (UK store only)

Along with the launch of the new Macbook’s & Macbook Pro’s, the Macbook Air received some minor tweaks; faster graphics, storage increase, new display connector. The newer versions are released at the start of November so I thought I’d go and see how the prices and spec compare to my current MB Air and was surprised to find Apple are overcharging for their pre-configured higher spec bundle.

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iPhone 3G defect – bubble under screen

Just been to visit a friend who showed me a strange defect under the screen of his iPhone 3G. It appears the glue has an air bubble or similar in the black surround.

The iPhone is in perfect condition otherwise, there’s no marking on the rest of the screen or casing. He’s hoping to get it replaced/repaired under warranty but as the nearest Apple store is nearly an hour away he’s sensibly waiting until he’s next in the area.

Some people have mentioned that Apple won’t repair cosmetic defects under warranty but since this is under the glass and there’s no way he could have caused it himself I think they should.
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Macbook Air – faulty screen damages trackpad

After 9 days with my Macbook Air I’ve returned to the shop to ask for a replacement.

I noticed a few dark pencil thin marks appearing on the trackpad button and just wiped them away with my thumb. But they kept reappearing in the same place and getting more and more visible and also creeping onto the palm rest area too.

The marks are being caused by the top edge of the screen surround / bezel scratching the lower trackpad and palm rest areas when the case is closed and there appears to be a noticeable mark appearing on the edge of the bezel too.

I have also noticed that my trackpad button isn’t level in the case, the left edge sits lower than the right edge and consequently the right edge is getting more damage from the screen than the left.

My local Apple reseller have asked me to return the unit with box and all the bits on Monday when the area manager is around, I hope for a complete replacement considering the machine is 9 days old today.

I’ve had a quick search on the web and there doesn’t seem to be anybody else reporting this fault so hopefully its just a one off faulty unit and not a design fault across the Macbook Air range.

UPDATE (3rd March 2008):
I have just had my Macbook Air replaced without any questions. Becuase it was less than 2weeks old they were able to return it to Apple as DOA (Dead on Arrival) and issued me with a new MBA on the spot. I’ve not opened the new one yet but will be sure to report back here if the same thing happens with the replacement.