iPhone 3G defect – bubble under screen

Just been to visit a friend who showed me a strange defect under the screen of his iPhone 3G. It appears the glue has an air bubble or similar in the black surround.

The iPhone is in perfect condition otherwise, there’s no marking on the rest of the screen or casing. He’s hoping to get it replaced/repaired under warranty but as the nearest Apple store is nearly an hour away he’s sensibly waiting until he’s next in the area.

Some people have mentioned that Apple won’t repair cosmetic defects under warranty but since this is under the glass and there’s no way he could have caused it himself I think they should.

Has anybody else has similar problems?

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  1. @Ashley – My friend stuck with his iPhone (the one in the photos above) since this article was first posted in October 2008 and it just got worse until the “bubble” eventually crept all the way around the edge of the display. We took a trip to the Apple store a week ago to get a fault with my iPhone sorted and whilst he was there showed them his iPhone with the bubble defect and they replaced it on the spot. The Apple Genius said he’s never seen that fault before though, so mustn’t be very common.

    All iPhone 3G’s should still be under original 12months warranty so just make a backup in iTunes and make the long 2hr trek to your nearest Apple store but make sure you make a Genius bar reservation online first.

    Scoopz (Admin)

  2. I have the same problem. Also have the problem of an Apple store being two hours away, but I guess if I want it fixed I’ll have to make the trip. Mine’s on the left side though, working its way all the way down the side…getting progressively worse.

  3. @Josh – Good to know, thanks for the info. My friend still hasn’t got to an Apple store yet but it’s reassuring to know you had yours replaced under warranty for cosmetic defects under the glass.

    Scoopz (Admin)

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